Smooth-Post-Sleeves-2smooth-postSmooth Post Sleeves

The new smooth post sleeves are available to fit over 4", 6" and 8" NPT pipe and you may choose either yellow or red (available in other colors for quantity orders). The smooth sleeves are 56" in length and provide the same maintenance free protection as the original ribbed post sleeves. These sleeves may be easily trimmed for an exact fit.









Size I.D. O.D. Height Red Yellow Weight
4” 4.75” 5.25” 56” 1735R 1735 4 lbs.
6” 6.875” 7.375” 56” 1736R 1736 6 lbs.
8” 8.875” 9.375” 57” 1737R 1737 8 lbs.


Original Ribbed Post Sleeves

The original ribbed sleeves provide extra impact protection and are available to fit 4", 6" and 8" NPT pipe. Post sleeves are 56" long in all sizes and colors and are available in 72" length in yellow to fi t 6" and 8" posts.

Choose from lime, brown, green, red, blue, orange, yellow, white and black. Post sleeves may be easily trimmed for an exact fit.



Poly-BasePoly Base

Poly bases available for 4” and 6” post sleeves to convert into poly bollard



Size I.D. O.D. Height Red White Yellow Green Orange Lime Brown Black Blue Weight
4” 4.75” 5.75” 56” 1732R 1732W 1732 1732GN 1732OR 1732LM 1732BR 1732BLK 1732BL 5 lbs.
6” 6.875” 7.875” 56” 1730R 1730 1730 1730GN 1730OR 1730LM 1730BR 1730BLK 1730BL 8 lbs.
8” 8.875” 10” 57” 1738R 1738W 1738 1738GN 1738OR 1738LM 1738BR 1738BLK 1738B 9 lbs.
6” 6.875” 7.875” 72” - - 1730-72 - - - - - - 11 lbs.
8” 8.875” 10” 72” - - 1738-72 - - - - - - 15 lbs.

Bollard Covers

Available in multiple sizes and with reflective tape, the Bollard Post Covers install quickly and offer improved visibility, safety and quality appearance. The 1/8” thick HDPE covers can be color customized or marked with logos, warnings, or accessories. Made from durable materials with UV inhibitors for long life and lasting color. These covers will keep your facility, fixtures, machinery, and vehicles in great shape!

Bollard Covers easily install in seconds! With patented gripper tabs, you will have the fastest, most secure installation and protection in the industry. For reduced maintenence, we guarantee they won’t crack or fade with our industry-leading 5-year warranty!bollard-covers


Part Number Description Dimensions Weight
1731 5” Poly Bollard 5”W x 42”H 5 lbs.
1733 7” Poly Bollard 7”W x 42”H 8 lbs.
1731BASE Steel Weighted Base for 1731, 1733 & 1734 10”W x 10”L x 3.75”H 11 lbs.


poly1 poly-bollards2





Poly Bollard Posts

Create a low cost, maintenance free caution zone. These 42” high poly bollards are available in a 5” or 7” model with poly base that can be anchored for maximum stability or use with optional weighted steel base.







Poly Guide-Post Delineators ™

Lightweight, portable, yieldable HDPE posts used to warn, guide and delineate. Feature 3” wide reflective bands for increased visibility and are MUTCD compliant. Posts are mounted on a 10” sq poly plate with anchor slots for permanent use or used with steel base for portable stability.



Part Number Description Dimensions Weight
1734Y Poly Guide-Post Delineator-Yellow 5.75”WX42”H 6 lbs.
1734LM Poly Guide-Post Delineator-Lime 5.75”WX42”H 6 lbs.
1734OR Poly Guide-Post Delineator-Orange 5.75”WX42”H 6 lbs.