FLOOR-DRYFLOOR-DRY™ brand diatomaceous earth (DE) absorbent is highly purified and calcined (kiln-fired) for superior absorbent qualities. The uniquFLOOR-DRY2e structure of the diatomite provides Floor-Dry brand DE greater pore space. Because of this, pound for pound it absorbs more liquid than any other mineral on the market today.

FLOOR-DRY3Floor-Dry contains less aggravating dust than other absorbents on the market. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-reactive. It passes the Liquid Release Test (LRT), the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Potential (TCLiP) and is non-WHMIS controlle


  •  Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Landfill Disposal
  •  Using Less Material Saves Time and Money
  •  Lightweight Bag Reduces Back Strain
  •  Promotes Safety by Reducing Slip Hazards
  •  USDA Approved in Food Processing Plants
Part # Description Format Weight/Bag     Pallet Quantity        
22B-EPFD-24Q    Floor Dry - Medium Granulation 

Universal Granular Sorbent

24 qts. 75


SPILL-MASTERSPILL MASTER  When scrubbed aggressively with a stiff bristle broom, Spill Master encapsulates all lost liquids including hazardous waste, heaveySPILL-MASTER2 metals, battery acid, fuel oils, animal fats and blood borne pathogens. Outperforms clay based products by an average of 14:1 and as 22:1 Incinerates all encapsulated liquids at 500 degrees with zero ash count, some exceptions may apply such as unrefined heavy crude oil. “Perlite” converts to a glass like substance at 2500° safe for absorbing and picking up all liquid spills except hydrofluoric acid.


  •  A "perlite" based product.
  •  Inert inorganic blend of amorphous siliceous mineral
  •  Lightweight Absorbent
  •  Non-toxic
  •  Nonflammable
  •  Environmentally safe and friendly
  •  Contains no hazardous waste (as defined by the U.S. EPA, U.S. OSHA, or the WHO).
  •  Non-injurious to asphalt, cement, carpet, tile, soil, animal and plant life.
Part # Description            Format                         Weight/Bag            
         Pallet Quantity            
05A-SPLMSTR Spill Master Universal Granular Sorbent 1.5 cu. ft 30


CORN-COBCORN COB  is a clean, organic abrasive that will clean and polish without damaging the surface. Depending on the application, corn cob can typically be CORN-COB2recycled. Corn Cob will also absorb oils and liquids while cleaning a surface.



  •  Biodegradable
  •  Non-Carcinogenic
  •  Renewable Resource
  •  Highly Absorbent
  •  Incinerates to low ash content
  •  A good replacement for clay-based granular
  •  Spreadable granular consistency-formulated to provide up to twice the absorbency of clay
Part #      Description            Format          Weight/Bag             
               Pallet Quantity            
93-CORNCOBB Corn Cob Universal Granular Sorbent 40 lbs. 50



SPILL-DRI contains, controls and picks up unwanted liquid spills, and removes sheen from floors, work surfaces, driveways, etc. Spill-Dri is madeSPILL-DRI2 from 100% reclaim natural cellulose fiber and absorbs liquids ranging from oil and solvents to water and non-aggressive chemicals on contact. Through capillary action,  the absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaching and handling problems common with clay and diatomaceous earth (DE). Our virgin cellulose fibers contain no silica dust (a known cause of silicosis and a probable carcinogen) which is common with mineral sorbents.



Spill-Dri—is the responsible alternative to clay and diatomaceous earth!

Competitive advantages of Spill-Dri particulate over clay absorbents:

  • One Step cleanup—eliminates sheen off floor surfaces
  • Absorbs liquids within fibers vs. adsorbing liquids on fibers exterior only
  • Absorbs up to 2-3 times more volume than polypropylene absorbents, minimizes waste
  • Absorbs all liquids except strong inorganic acids and caustics
  • Anti-static
  • One 50-quart bag of Spill-Dri is equivalent to one 50 pound bag of clay in volume of liquid absorbed
  • No free silica—prevents health problems (silicosis) associated with clay and diatomaceous earth
  • Non-abrasive—prolongs life of machinery
  • Works in all temperatures, sub-freezing to hot
  • 100% organic—environmentally friendly
  • Increases options for disposal
  • Landfill—passes and exceeds Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure
  • (TCLP), Paint Filter Test—won’t leach/drain even under compression, eliminates free liquid problems
  • Incinerable at low temperatures (industrial boilers, etc.)
  • Bioremediation—will break down to natural organic elements with use of microbial enzyme action
  • Environmentally friendly from origin to disposal


Part #      Description            Format          Weight/Bag             
               Pallet Quantity            
02B-30006       Spill Dri   Universal Cellulose Sorbent   25 lbs. 60


SPILL-SORB1SPILL-SORB  is a recycled cellulose-based particulate engineered as a clay-based, oil-absorption replacement. SPILL-SORB2


  •  Made from 100% reclaimed cellulose fiber
  •  The product works using the natural high absorption and holding powers of cellulose fibers
  •  Through capillary action, absorbed liquid is locked into the cellulose fiber, preventing leaching
  • Spill-Sorb particulate is a universal absorbent for a wide range of non-corrosive liquids
  •  Spill-Sorb has a 3-to-1 absorption ratio by weight on most liquids
  •  Spill-Sorb is incinerable with positive BTU value
  •  Spill-Sorb is non-abrasive as it does not have the coarse / parts-wearing silica granules found in clay products
  •  Spill-Sorb reduces disposal costs as it takes less product to absorb more liquids
Part #      Description            Format          Weight/Bag             
       Pallet Quantity            
02B-SPILLSORB       Spill Sorb    Universal Cellulose Sorbent 20 lbs. 50 


ABSORBENT-W1ABSORBENT W  Provides instant oil absorption. The product works using the natural fast absorption and holding powers of cellulose fibers. BundlesABSORBENT-W2 of fibers are formed into cornflake sized particles, which nest loosely together with open spaces between the particles. This allows water to flow through the particulate, drastically increasing the exposed surface area for fast absorption. This also allows water to pass through the materials while capturing the hydrocarbons within the fibers.


  •  Absorbent W’s fibers are surface treated to produce an oil-specific molecular sieve
  •  Absorbent W is an absorbent not an adsorbent, which means liquids are collected in the center of the fibers vs. clinging to the sides of fibers like synthetic absorbents do


Part #      Description            Format          Weight/Bag             
       Pallet Quantity            
02B-50001       Absorbent W   Oil Only Cellulose Sorbent 50 qts. 35 


contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response. When applied to the spill, Ampho-Mag’s™ color turns to red for acids and blue for bases. As it neutralizes the spill, the color gradually changes to yellow or green. Free liquids in the released materials can easily be controlled and the neutralized material can typically be landfilled.





Ampho-Mag is commonly used on: 

  • All acids including Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Nitric, etc.
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Dangerous inorganic materials
  • All bases including Sodium Hydroxide, etc.
  • Air reactive and water reactive liquids
  • Anti-freeze/Engine coolant and other automotive fluids
  • Oxidizers and Reducing agents
  • Organic Compounds
  • Solvents
  • Poisons
  • CFC's, CHC's
  • Gasoline and other fuels
  • Ampho-Mag™ is 30%-50% less expensive to use compared to other specialized spill control agents
  • Ampho-Mag™ is amphoteric (it treats both acid and bases) while other manufacturers have 3 or more different products depending on the material released
  • Quicker spill response - the spilled material doesn’t require identification before Ampho-Mag™ is applied
  • A built in multi-range pH indicator is included. After application, it turns red for acids and blue for bases. As Ampho-Mag™ neutralizes the spill, the color gradually changes to yellow or green
  • Not only works with acids and bases, but dangerous volatile organic compounds as well as inorganic chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride
  • Renders many spills non-hazardous after neutralization, allowing landfill disposal and reducing your costs
  • There are no concerns regarding misapplication of the wrong spill control product thereby increasing safety margins for responders
  • Produces less heat and spattering than most other available neutralizers
  • Stable for long-term containment of highly hazardous materials
  • Rust-inhibitor and prevents degradation of shipping and storage containers
  • Gas neutralizer and adsorbent (i.e. organic and hydrocarbon vapors)
  • Reduces and prevents pressure build up in disposal containers
  • Ampho-Mag™ will not support combustion
Part #  Description Format Container Size    Weight   

       Ampho-Mag Acid/Base Neutralizer     Powder 3 lb. Shaker 3 lbs. 1



has unlimited uses! Immediately absorbing liquids of any viscosity ENSORB®

leaves surfaces clean and dry.



  •  15 to 20 times the absorption capacity of clay-based products
  •  Extraordinary versatility in absorbing any kind of liquid or semi-liquid on contact and permanently encapsulates absorbed
  • materials. This includes all animal, vegetable, mineral, petroleum, and chemical liquids*
  •  Biodegradable, and is environmentally safe and friendly


  •  Virtually unlimited uses as a dry absorbent that is safe in all applications
  •  Picks up all liquids, of any viscosity, off any hard surface, leaving that surface clean and dry
  •  Turns the spilled liquid into a solid that can be disposed of easily
  •  Lightweight and simple to use, it dramatically reduces clean up costs, as well as the ever increasing costs of disposal
  •  Not injurious to soil, cement, asphalt, tile, plants, animals, or humans
  •  Contains no reactive chemicals, is not toxic or flammable

*Note: Cannot be used with Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)

Super Absorbent
1.5 BAG
Part Number     
Dimensions            1.5 CU FT Bag                   1 Gal. Jug Disp                   1 Gal. Jug Disp                   1 Qt. Zip Seal Bags         
Weight 15 lbs. 3 lbs. 22 lbs. 8 lbs.
Quantity 1 1 6/Case 12/Case


Neutralizes Both Liquid and Vapor Hazards


ChemKlenz® is a universal chemical absorbent that neutralizes both acids and bases, including HF and a wide variety of hazardous chemicals.

Highly effective response products which are capable of containing and neutralizing a variety of chemical threats in easy to use delivery systems. Originally for military chemical response applications, they now provide safety for employees, students, staff, and property from chemical hazards. Your simple and immediate response to chemical spills.

All units are portable. No premixing is required. Easy-to-operate, compact delivery systems. Rapid acting upon contact. Effective over a wide range of conditions; non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable. Life-safety threat reduction.



                    IMMEDIATE SPILL RESPONSE                   
Part #: FA-CKWK 
SHAKER (750 Gram Granules )
Part #: FA324-0750-00EP
Part #: FD324-0901-00EP
500 gram granules
Part #: FA324-0501-00EP
 5kg granules
Part #: FA324-5001-00EP
5 kg Pail (granules )
Part #: FA324-5000-00EP
4 kg
Part #: FA024-4000-00EP
2 kg
Part #: FA024-2000-00EP
1 kg
Part #: FA024-1000-00EP
4 kg
Part #: FD015-4902-00NS
2 kg
Part #: FD015-2902-00NS
1 kg
Part #: FD015-1902-00NS
4 kg
Part #: FD015-4903-00NS



Quickly neutralize odors at the source with ENSORB® SOK, the revolutionary odor eliminating absorbent! Effective and environmentally safe, this rapid-action Spill and Odor Killer is safe to use around kids, pets, and virtually anywhere!



No masking agents here! SOK’s patented non-chlorine formulation chemically traps and destroys odor-causing molecules. This convenient SOK Shaker is ready and waiting to be your handy fix for all spills.






Ideal for larger spills and refills, the 5 and 15 Gallon SOK units will tackle your biggest, nastiest spills with no fear of lingering odor or residue.


  Ensorb SOK    Ensorb SOK   
Ensorb SOK
Part Number EC029-0160-06EP EC029-0009-00EP EC029-0025-00EP
Dimensions 8”x4”x4”   14”x14”x15” 15”x15”x27.5” 
Weight 1 lb. each  12 lbs. 35 lbs. 
Quantity  6  1  1


ClearTec™ Rubberizer® Particulate is available in a variety of water treatment and filtration medias in order to meet the needs of today's demanding environmental incidence responses. The advanced technologies are formulated from modern non-toxic, non-hazardous polymers capable of high absorption RUBBERIZER2efficiencies. These filtration applications can save material costs, labor, and disposal volume by as much as 75%. ClearTec™ is also used for clarification of emulsions, or solidification and removal of various petroleum-based slicks from the surface of water. Once sorbed liquids are solidified, usually within 20 minutes, they are retrievable without loss of their contents caused by handling and the consequent dripping associated with many other products.


• Water borne and land spills
• Remains buoyant
• Reduces clean-up time
• Reduces overall costs


For use on the following:

• Crude Oils          • Jet Fuel                  • Transformer Oils         
• Gasoline             • Lube Oils               • Chlorinated Solvents
• Diesel Fuels       • Hydraulic Oils      • Aromatic Solvents


ClearTec™ Rubberizer® Particulate is a mixture of hydrocarbon polymers plus additives resulting in a grainy material used in various cleanup operations. However, it is also used for clarification of emulsions, or solidification and removal of various petroleum-based slicks from the surface of water. Once sorbed liquids are solidified (usually within 20 minutes) they are retrievable without loss of their contents caused by handling and the consequent dripping associated with many other products. The Rubberizer® Particulate (also used in booms and pillows as the filler) exhibit characteristics that include:

  • Light weight: ClearTec is made of a light weight polymer that enables rapid deployment and retrieval
  • Hydrophobic: ClearTec has no affinity for water and is permanently buoyant both before and after sorption
  • Stabile: ClearTec will not release sorbed solidified liquids, even under landfill pressures, and are extremely resistant to release of sorbed solidified liquids upon aqueous contact
  • Efficient: ClearTec has low volume increases of sorbed liquids (15% in laboratory test, 25% in field applications). One pound of CCT will solidify up to 2/3 of a gallon of jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, transformer oil and other liquids into a rubber-like material

Rubberizer Particulate available in Filled Boom, Pillows, Stormwater Media & Mats/Blankets as well as Loose Media.                                                

Applications include:

  •  Plant process water for both re-circulation and discharge

Field uses include:

  •  Filtration of bilge water
  •  Filtration of parking lot runoff
  •  Fltration of small PCB contaminated stream
  •  Waste water treatment plant remediation
Part #                    
      Case Quantity       
Rubberizer Particulate - - 18 lbs.
38-RFM84G5OB Rubberizer Filter Media  -  18 lbs. 
38-RPW1W1L12B Rubberizer Pillows  12” x 12”  12  22 lbs.
38-RB2D1L50B Rubberizer Booms 2.25” x 1’   50 30 lbs. 
38-RB2D4L6P Rubberizer Booms 2.25” x 4’   6  14 lbs.
38-RBS2D10L2P Rubberizer Booms  2.25” x 10’ 2  11 lbs.
38-RBS2D25L2B Rubberizer Booms
 2.25” x 25’ 2  21 lbs.