UNIVERSAL-LAMINATED-1Tough and durable, offering the extreme softness and drape-ability needed, our Universal Laminated “Flex” sorbents are constructed by ultrasonically bonding outer layers of durable polypropylene spunbond to a UNIVERSAL-LAMINATED-2high-loft meltblown center. Non-linting, our pads and rolls are perforated for easy and exact use.

  • Absorb oil, coolants, solvents, and water
  • Great all-purpose pad for indoor use
  • Perfect for wiping down parts or cleaning up spills
  • Laminated cover provides extra strength
  • Perforated to minimize waste

Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Universal Laminated "FLEX"
UPL-HP Heavy Pad Gray 15" x 18" Single 100 30
UPL-MP-FLEX Medium Pad Gray 15" x 18" Single 100 36
UPL-SP Single Pad Gray 15" x 18" Single 200 30
URLMPP-FLEX Medium Roll Gray 30” x 150’ Double 1 18


universal-fine-fiber-1Offering the best product consistency and uniformity available, our Universal Fine Fiber sorbents areuniversal-fine-fiber-2 manufactured using state-of-the-art Accurate Products technology. Fine fiber outer cover stocks are ultrasonically welded over a high-loft meltblown core. Pads and rolls are perforated for easy and exact use.

  • Quick wicking
  • Low-linting with high adsorbency
  • Dimpled for strength
  • Perforated to help minimize waste
  • Excellent for catching drips near leaky machinery or for quick spill cleanup
  • Drum-top pads are pre-cut for perfect fit on 55 gallon tight head drums


Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Universal Fine Fiber
UPF-HP Heavy Pad Gray 15" x 18" Single 100 30
UPF-MP Medium Pad Gray 15" x 18" Single 100 36
URL-12PP Heavy Roll Gray 30" x 150' Double 1 30
URF-MPP  Medium Roll   Gray 30” x 150’   Double 18 
URF-MSRP  Medium Split Roll Gray 15” x 150’  Single  18 
UDT-25 Heavy  Drum Top  Gray 23” Dia.   - 25  60


universal-sonic-bondedIdeal for jobs where you need to absorb liquids quickly, our Universal & Aggressive Sonic Bonded sorbents are constructed from a single layer of high-quality uniform polypropylene fibers. The fibers are then sonically bonded together for added strength and reduced linting. Available in heavy weight, medium weight, and single weight to suit a variety of spill control and industrial clean-up situations. Pads and rolls are perforated for easy and exact use.

  • Available in heavy weight, medium weight, and single weight
  • Absorb virtually any liquid
  • Fast wicking and dimpled for strength
  • Perforated to reduce waste
  • Most economical universal absorbents for large spills


Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Universal Bonded
 UPB-HP Heavy  Pad  Gray  15” x 18”  Single  100  30 
 UPB-MP Medium  Pad  Gray  15” x 18”  Single   100 36 
 UPB-SP Single  Pad  Gray  15” x 18”  Single  200 30 
 URB-150H Heavy   Roll Gray   30” x 150’ Single  18 
 URB-HPP  Heavy Roll   Gray 30” x 150’  Double  18 
 URB-12 Heavy Roll Gray 30” x 150’ -  18





Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Aggressive Bonded
 GNPB-MP  Medium  Pad Green  15” x 18”  Single  100   36
 GNRB-144MPP  Medium Roll  Green  38” x 144’   Double  18
 YNPB-MP  Medium   Pad Yellow  15” x 18”   Single  100  36
YNRB-MPP Medium  Roll   Yellow 30” x 150’   Double  1  18


UNIVERSAL-RECYCLED-PADS--ROLLS-1The Universal Recycled line combines superior strength, high absorption and excellent drape-ability to give you durable yet flexible clean-up power. Using less product to clean up more, is SCI’s commitment to the planet’s environment.

  • Preliminary product testing shows capacity of up to 18x pad weight (2 gallons per pound of material)
  • A faster absorption rate than similar sorbent pads means you’re cleaning up faster
  • Naturally flame retardant due to pre and post-consumer polypropylene content.

Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Universal Recycled
 UPA-H-ECO  Heavy  Pad Gray   15” x 18”  -  100  30
 URA-H-ECO Heavy   Roll Gray  30” x 150’ -  1 18




  • More absorbent than leading competitors’ heavy weight oil absorbent pad (lab tested per EDANA 10.4-02)
  • Sorbent pads are made with 80% recycled cellulose fibers to create superior absorbency and a more cost effective alternative than oil based polypropylene sorbent pads
  • Class A fire retardant (lab tested per ASTM E84)
  • Can be incinerated



Part NumberWeight ClassTypeColorDimensionsPerforationQuantity/PackagePackages/Pallet
Universal Eversoak®
 82S-22867  Medium Pad  Gray    15” x 19”  -  100  24
 82S-22883  Heavy  Pad Gray   15” x 19”   -  100  30
 82S-22884  Heavy   Roll Gray    28.5 x 150’ Single 1 12