Our Sorbent Booms are non-linting and come complete with end rings, snaps and a strong rope running the length of the boom. Booms are available in oil-only white and blue. Land booms are available in universal gray and yellow.

  • 5” Diameter x 10’ lengths for calm-water and on-land applications
  • 8” Diameter x 10’ lengths for open-water applications
  • Strong, lint free, with no gaps
  • Built with stainless steel hardware for interlocking units together
  • For ease of deployment and retrieval a rope extends along length of Boom for additional strength




Part NumberDescriptionFormat          Size                 Quantity/Package          Packages/Pallet     
OBS-510     5” Polypropylene Boom            Boom             5" x 10"     4 20
OBS-810 8” Polypropylene Boom Boom      8" x 10"     4 12


oil-only-cotton-sorbent-boomOIL ONLY COTTON SORBENT BOOM


  • Made from a renewable resource - cotton
  • Made without fillers - 100% USA grown cotton is inside of boom casing
  • Weigh significantly less than standard polypropylene booms making it easier to handle
  • Made with high quality D-Rings, O-Rings and Bit Snapscotton
  • Extremely absorbent oil only cotton boom soaks up many different types of marine oil spills and leaks on oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and
  • retention ponds
  • Helps you comply with 40 CFR 112.7 & 40 CFR 122.26
  • Made in the USA
Part Number  Description             Format      Size                Quantity/Package             Packages/Pallet                
82S-82858 5” Cotton Boom Boom      5" x 10"     4 16
82S-82857 8” Cotton Boom Boom      8" x 10"     4  12

oil-only-Sorbent-SweepOIL ONLY SORBENT SWEEP

Made with a greater exposed weave, our Sorbent Sweep perform in getting oil and surface sheen out of the water. More oil is collected with each pass for maximum absorption, and it is not weighed down by water.

  • Heavy cover stock for extra strength
  • Excellent on water spills
  • Removes sheen from petroleum-based spills on water
  • Straps allow tying Sweep across a waterway or onto a boat
  • Durable webbing resists debris and snags while remaining pliable
  • Absorbs oil-based liquids without absorbing any water
  • Floats to confine and absorb oil-base spills on water


Part Number        Description         Format     Size  Quantity/Package        Packages/Pallet                   
OSWL-100F 100’ Folded Sweep Folded      19” x 200’     1  48
OSWL-100R 100’ Rolled Sweep Rolled      19” x 200’      48
OSWL-200F 200’ Folded Sweep Folded      19” x 200’     1  24
OSWL-200R           200’ Rolled Sweep Rolled    19” x 200’   1 24


Pom Poms are used to clean up viscous oil such as crude and bunker C oils. Many polypropylene strands are bound together by a heavy-duty metal wire. Thirty (30) individual Pom Poms are then evenly spaced and secured to a sturdy fifty foot (50’) polypropylene rope. This mop like construction works great in spill response areas containing hard to reach grooves and crevices such as rocky shorelines, beaches, piers, bulkheads, retention ponds, marshes, etc. Most often, Pom Poms are used by laying out the 50’ section parallel to and at the water’s edge. Wave action moves the water and oils to the Pom Poms allowing the strands of polypropylene to act like floating fingers, grabbing the thick gobs of oil when contact is made. Pom Poms look very similar to a cheerleader pom pom, which is where the name stems from.


• Good for clean-up of crude oil picks up heavy oils that other adsorbents can’t  



Part Number         Description              FormatSizeWeight                   Bale Quantity                   
OS-50-30 Pom-poms, 50’ Rope      30 per 50’ Rope              50’        17 lbs.   1



ROC-BarrierThe ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system designed to contain up to 100 percent of the oil from a spill - without absorbing the water. Even better, the oil can be reused, dramatically reducing the economic cleanup costs.

The ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system small enough to allow tankers, ships and other watercraft, as well as marinas, harbours, ports, shipping lanes, beaches, and other water entry points to store it on site so that it can be deployed quickly following an oil spill. The canister, which holds the film laminate used to contain an oil spill, measures just 20 inches in length, eight inches in width, and eight inches in depth.

The film laminate is an oilophilic (oil attracting) olefin-type substrate similar to polyethylene film. It has a thickness of just 0.005 inches (0.127 mm). A standard 1,000-foot roll of product is only six inches in diameter and requires 1/20 of the storage space required by similar absorbent materials currently used in the oil spill control industry

  • Compact size and ease of storage
  • Deploys rapidly at speeds of up to (34 miles) 1
    per hour after an oil spill occurs
  • The film laminate can be deployed from the
    back of any small watercraft creating a barrier
    around the forming oil slick or spill
  • The friction of the water holds it in place
  • Film laminate continuously streams from the
    dispenser to immediately contain and prevent
    the spill from becoming a run-away slick

    1Certified by Lloyds of London.

 An environmental breakthrough, the ROC BarrierTM is the first of its kind to be recycled with the oil during the cleanup process. Final
remediation is done using existing methods.

Part Number                Description            Format                  SizeWeight                        Bale Quantity                
SCI-ROC-2000 ROC Barrier -     2,000’  10 lbs. 1