SCI Containment Boom is a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill or debris. Booms are used to reduce the possibility of polluting bodies of water, shorelines, freshwater and/or marine ecosystems. Containment Booms aid in concentrating oil into thicker surface layers so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively.SCI-CONTAINMENT-BOOM22

SCI Containment Booms

come in many shapes and sizes with various levels of effectiveness in different types of water conditions.

The foam of the free board is constituted of blocks of EPE. These blocks are 31.5 inches to 3 feet long to provide flexibility. The boom is made of PVC, PU or Neoprene bering a perfect resistance in water environment, from 0° to 176° F in any conditions (acids, alkalis, solvent & hydrocarbons). Its ASTM connection makes it easily towed and deployed. The excellent UV resistance of the boom allows it to be left in water for prolonged periods of time without being damaged. The bottom galvanized chain helps to maintain the boom upright while in the water.



  • Closed cell foam rolls constructed from expanded polystyrene (EPE)
  • Available in 100’ , 50‘, and 25’ (30m, 15m, 7.62m) sections
  • 25 oz/yd (850 gsm) high visibility orange PVC with UV resistant coating
  • Galvanized 6 mm chain ballast
  • ASTM “Z’”connection
  • Chemical Resistant to : acids, alkalis, solvents, and hydrocarbons

ASTM Connection:

Junction between each portion of the containment boom is assured by an ASTM connection “Z”. The pin of the connection enables a quick deployment of the boom.The ASTM connection is the standard device for oil spills and permits the boom to benefit from a strong resistance. It has been designed and tested for a marine use in any conditions and any kind of waters. The ASTM connection strengthens the boom to make easily towable.



      Part Number       
    Float (inches)  
      Skirt (Feet)     
Section Length (Feet)      Ballast Chain       
         22F-CB48100 4 8 100 1/4”
         22F-CB612100 6 12 100 1/4”
         22F-CB812100 8
100 1/4”
         22F-CB816100 8
100 5/16”


For use in calm water, short-term use in canals, ponds, lakes, and reservoirs, the SCI Type I Economy turbidity curtain is compact for easy storage, very affordable, and can work with any project budget.

SCI Type I Economy has an impermeable construction and works well to contain the turbidity from your near shore project.

Water Conditions: Calm (Roadside Ditches, Lakes, Ponds, Canals)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Standard Depth: 5 feet


SCI Type I DOT turbidity curtain is designed specifically to control silt in roadside ditches, canals, small ponds, and lakes. This curtain is specifically manufactured to meet and exceed US Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulatory requirements for turbidity control in Type I calm conditions. SCI Type I DOT is offered with impermeable and permeable options.

For calm water conditions this Type I barrier makes an excellent choice for silt and sediment control and meets regulatory and inspection requirements.

The components are selected for the budget minded, but do not lack in performance! This barrier is easy-to-use, compact, and economical.

SCI Type I DOT is our most popular calm water curtain.

Water Conditions: Calm (Lakes, Ponds, Canals, and Ditches)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Standard Depth: 5 Feet


Designed for mild currents, waves, and wind the SCI Type II DOT is designed for rapid deployment and easy storage and handling. It also meets the needs for most regulated applications. SCI Type II DOT is offered with impermeable and permeable options.

Differing from our SCI Type I DOT, the SCI Type II DOT is equipped with a tension cable under the flotation and aluminum joint connectors with anchor points to anchor the curtain in position.

SCI Type II DOT turbidity curtains are specifically designed for in-water control of silt and turbidity around dredging projects, pile driving for piers, docks, and bridges, rip-rap installation, demolition work, or any other situation where water can become contaminated with sediment. The unique design makes it a contractor’s project favorite for moving water and waves typically found in inter-coastal waterways, estuaries, rivers, and streams.

Water Conditions: Moving Water/Mild Currents (Rivers, Lakes, Streams)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Standard Depth: 5 Feet






Designed for use in tidal zones, rivers, and bays. The SCI Type III turbidity curtain is ready for rapid deployment and is engineered for medium flows. This curtain is permeable to allow for passage of water through the curtain while retaining the silt and sediment.

SCI Type III turbidity curtain's sturdy design ensures great performance while resisting clogging. Different filter fabrics can be used to accommodate the design of the project and the type of sediment present to be controlled.

SCI Type III turbidity curtain meets AASHTO M-288-92 Erosion Class A. A permeable woven geotextile skirt is standard on the SCI Type III turbidity curtain. This curtain is equipped with a top-tension cable under the flotation and aluminum joint connectors with anchor points to anchor the curtain in position.

Water Conditions: Moving Water, Medium Currents
(Tidal Areas, Rivers, Bays, Streams)

Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Standard Depth: 5 Feet


Other depths are available by request. Custom sizes and configurations are available to meet your project requirements.





DescriptionPart No.
50’ Section
Part No.
100’ Section
FloatationConnectorBottom Chain
(galvanized steel)
Tension Cable
(poly-coated galvanized steel)
Type I Economy TC-1E-650  TC-1E-6100 6” Bolt/Rope/Tie 1/4” - 5 ft.
17C-DB-S-6060 TC-1D-650 TC-1D-6100   6” ASTM 5/16” 5/16” 5 ft.
17C-DB-OP TC-2D-850   TC-2D-8100  8” ASTM 5/16” 5/16” 5 ft.
17C-DB-OP-6060 TC-3D-1250 TC-3D-12100   12” ASTM 3/8” (2 each) 5/16” 5 ft.