Large Tote & Extra Large Tote

ENPAC ®Totes are the only stackable, nestable, forkliftable, water resistant, mobile totes on the market. These units are available in two sizes: large and extralarge. Both offer a 500 lb handling capacity. Molded from FDA approved material.

Combo includes:

Lid with handles and

  •  4” polyurethane wheels or
  •  8” solid rubber wheels



Large Tote Large w/4”
Large w/8”
XL Tote XL w/4” Wheels XL w/8” Wheels
Part Number   
1505-YE 1510-YE 1511-YE 1525-YE 1530-YE 1531-YE
Length: 45” 45” 45” 51.5” 51.5” 51.5”
Width: 35.5” 35.5” 35.5” 47.25” 47.25” 47.25”
Height: 30.37” 36” 40” 33” 38” 42”
Weight 51.1 lbs. 59 lbs. 74 lbs. 76 lbs. 86 lbs. 99.7 lbs.
Sump Capacity 123 gal. 123 gal. 123 gal. 223 gal. 223 gal. 223 gal.
Load Capacity 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs.


Big Box Fixed-Wall Pallet Containers are available in two standard footprints, 42” x 29” and 48” x 44”. Applications for the Big Box range from the handling of small parts to large finished goods. Stackability Positive interlock allows for self-supporting stacks of Big Box containers, with or without lids, ensuring a neat and efficient storage system. Plus, the solid, seamless construction offers a watertight interior, perfect for holding pellets, powders and a variety of materials. Lids for the Big Box PC4844 feature a smooth, slightly domed top, which sheds water easily.


  •  HDPE Structural Foam Construction - For years of dependable service
  •  Manufactured from FDAapproved materials
  •  Use with temperatures of -20° to 120° F
  •  Withstand exposure to sunlight and cooling processes; resist impact and moisture; will not splinter, rot or absorb odors
  •  Smooth Interiors - Allow easy cleaning and protect delicate products


Part Number  PC422928-LB PC484429-LB
 103 gal. 198 gal.
Dimensions 42” x 29” x 28” 48” x 44” x 29”
Weight 71 lbs. 95 lbs.